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8 Ways to Optimize Your Area for a Productive Workspace

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Most businesses want to maximize productivity. In fact, we would guess that all businesses are interested in maximizing productivity, leading to profits, employee satisfaction, and better customer engagement. While there are numerous studies in how to increase productivity in regards to the training and development of employees, there is also much to be said about increasing productivity with tweaks and alterations to your physical workspace. In fact, HBi can make small changes in your office that can increase employee productivity by 25 percent.

Adding Color

Careful thought should be put into the colors chosen for your workspace. These color choices are not limited to what paint is on the wall. From accent pieces like chairs or rugs to the pictures chosen to hang or accent pieces to display, the color of these items send a message to your employees. Red is often associated with anger, but can also be used to fuel positions that need to move at a fast and sometimes aggressive pace. Blue is frequently known as being a calming color, as is the color green. Both are good for peaceful and relaxing places of work.

Proper Lighting

For practical purposes, lighting needs to start off by being adequate. In almost every profession, you need to be able to see to work. Once the amount of lighting is assessed, it is helpful to look at the type and quality of lighting. Natural lighting is ideal, with options for dimming or blinds to reduce glare or too much sun. If natural lighting is not available, multiple sources of light are best. Providing a mixture of overhead lighting with lamps can create options for employees to strike a balance between their needs. Ensuring all lighting is in good repair is important as well.

Right Furniture

Furniture needs to be sturdy, but comfortable, in good repair, and ergonomics are imperative to productivity. Because the needs of employees and projects can be dynamic, having several choices of desks and chairs can empower employees to find furniture solutions that work for them. Encourage your employees (and yourself) to shift the angles of their seating, desk, and work tools, especially if they find themselves straining or over-exerted.

Encourage Individualized Areas

Employees want to place their own personal touches on their workspace. These touches, like photos, small trinkets, and other office accessories provide a sense of calm and comfort for employees. These reminders can be a source of clarity or motivation as an employee recalibrates throughout the day and can also provide an easy conversation piece to connect with one another.

Spot to Refresh

Plain and simple, people want the chance to grab something to drink, to rehydrate, or to snag a snack at various times through the work day. By providing those items in a convenient location, you can reduce the length of time spent searching for a solution. Productivity can be increased with the quick realization that hunger and thirst can be satisfied easily with water, coffee, tea, or other provisions.


The more clutter on your desktop, both literal and computer based, the more likely you are to be distracted. Taking the time each day to clear clutter, to file or scan important documents, and to regularly clean your work area, can provide a renewed sense of purpose and energy for your work. Find a pattern or labeling system that works for you, for moving through tasks and for filing what you may need in the future.

Keeping Frequently Used Items within Reach

There are certain items each person uses regularly at work. These items will vary from person to person, as will the optimal positioning and placement of these items. Small organizers, close drawers, and small shelving units can significantly reduce time spent searching for these items and can cut into time taken to physically move to retrieve items needed regularly.

Adding Plants

Even adding a small potted plant to a desk or in multiple spots through the office increases productivity. More than one study showed that “having a plant on your desk increases productivity and cognitive attention, as well as filter[s] the air to remove mold and bacteria […]”. Plants can be lower maintenance and can be an encouraging way for certain members of your team to show off their green thumbs.

From relatively small tweaks and adjustments, to larger design plans and renovations, HBi Solutions can assist your company to reach the needs of your employees and increase productivity. Our planners can rethink your work space and we can equip your business with everything it needs to serve your employees, customers, and visitors. Contact HBi or call ((936) 295-5708) for an appointment with us today

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