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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Office Furniture

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Rebranding, acquiring a new space, expansion, renovation, or it’s simply just time, there are several reasons why an office or other business would need new furniture. When it is time to take the plunge, there are several tips to keep in mind to make your office or business space work for you and your company.

Factors to Consider

Budget- It is helpful to have a range in mind for what you would like to spend. The budget will determine the quantity, level of finish, and scope of what can be done at this time. If you find your budget doesn’t match your redesign desire, you can start exploring savings for a longer term project. 

Space- Some businesses may be able to look at their space and furniture purchase together, but most groups already have a location in mind. The footprint of your space should define some of the scale you can explore. An oversized conference table may be part of your office dreams, but you may not have the room in a smaller space. Conversely, modern furniture can occasionally have a smaller scale which might look out of place in areas with tall ceilings. 

Aesthetic- Aesthetics have two components. First, the overall look of the pieces selected should be visually appealing for you and your business. Second, the brand of the company should be taken under consideration when choosing material, design, and other visual components. 

Utility- The amount of storage your workspaces need and the workability of surfaces should be kept in mind. Also, thinking about pieces that can function in multiple ways, like a file drawer that can double as a printer stand is helpful. Other factors to check are height, power cord accessibility, and whether the frame can support the workload the piece will be used for.

Ergonomics- Ergonomics is a huge consideration for performance and overall employee satisfaction and health. See our information about ergonomics to refresh what to look at for new purchases. 

Maintainability- You want furniture that will be easy to maintain and clean. Drinks have condensation or spill, food dribbles on desks, and messes are made with different projects. Having something you can wipe off and sanitize easily will help throughout the year to keep your office tidy and healthy. 

Additional Tips to Keep in Mind

One of the first tips we recommend is to take time to look around your workspace and think through what you may need. Which areas have traffic congestion which could be alleviated with a slimmer piece of furniture or by combining several pieces into one? Which areas are underutilized and could be a great place for extra storage or less commonly used areas? What are locations employees and customers naturally converge to and may be the perfect spot for a casual seating area? Where is lighting great throughout the day and where is it lacking? The only way you can think through these and other factors to make your business work better is by observing and taking notes.

Also, once you start your layout needs, having a list of actual furniture you wish to keep and a list of furniture you need helps drive conversation and decisions for what is next. This list may not end up being complete, but it will be a starting point. Include any new storage needs your business may have or additional equipment being purchased that will need a home. 

HBi Office Solutions can help initiate a plan, guide you through purchasing decisions, and can even install all furniture for your redesign. Look through our project galleries or contact us today to take the first steps.