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4 Tips for Reorganizing Your Office Furniture

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Numerous reasons exist for why a company may want to rearrange their office furniture. Whether they are making room for new furniture, new employees, a new look, or any other reason, moving things around can help facilitate these needs. There are a few simple tips when making a plan for rearranging your office furniture. 

Check Your Pathways

This recommendation applies to many aspects of moving furniture around in your office because there are many pathways to consider. It may be obvious to need a path for employees and customers to walk along, but it is important to consider where they may be walking. Clearly defined pathways to major traffic areas are important. A communal printer, office supplies, a conference room, and the restroom should all be easily accessible from multiple parts of your office. Additionally, you will need pathways within defined workspaces like personal offices. If someone is regularly needing to access multiple parts of their office, like a desk to a bookcase, clearing the way between those two pieces of furniture is imperative to that transition time. 

Check Your Storage Space

Storage is an ongoing battle for most people, at home and in the office. With the average worker needing 125 to 250 square feet of usable space, according to officefinder.com, working to find working surfaces and storage areas can be challenging. If items are piling up on your desk or cabinets are overflowing, there are furniture solutions to help. Sometimes consolidating storage can help provide a better idea of what the company actually has and can provide a more efficient way to use supplies. If desk spaces need help being clear for work, adding bookshelves or filing systems to offices or cubicles may be needed. Additionally, the inside of your desk may need help with organization so assess what you really need for day-to-day use and implement the help from caddies and drawer organizers. 

Find Focal Points

While revamping the office aesthetics is important in design, there is an additional factor to consider when arranging furniture. Many organizations, including the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety recommends, “looking away from the computer screen every few minutes” they suggest finding focal points at varying distances to look at, allowing eyes the changes they need. Organizations may consider having desks face windows, large pieces of art, or plants for this purpose. In smaller spaces, it is encouraged to use pictures or other personal pieces to catch your eye.

Find Balance

Just because furniture has always been placed in a certain configuration doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. By pulling desks away from walls and floating them in the middle of the office or adjusting for an angle, new possibilities could arise. Avoid putting all furniture in one section of the office or all types of furniture in the same spot, try to find balance by mixing and matching the pieces to meet the needs of your employees and organization. Also find balance in other aspects of the office. If your furniture is sleek and modern, but your printer is 20 years old, finding an updated model can streamline the look you are working for in your space. 

HBi Office Solutions has the tools your organization or company needs to revamp and rearrange the furniture in your office to propel work forward. Our services go beyond simply selling you new furniture; we can work with your current layout and pieces to reconfigure your space. Reach out to us today to begin making your office space work for you.