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Office Trends to Look for in 2020

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While office spaces don’t often get the attention home spaces do, in regards to redesign and seasonal décor changes, there are trends within office design that pop up for a number of reasons. While some are purely aesthetic in nature, others are functional to the individual or the team and need to be evaluated by each organization to discover what may work for them.

Hybrid Spaces

The trends have been swinging wildly from individual cubicles for generations before us to communal workspaces to no clearly defined areas in larger spaces. Now it seems the trends and needs of businesses are settling firmly in the realm of flexibility. Instead of a certain area needing to adhere to one defined space, workers are wanting the freedom to adjust and tweak furniture to meet not just their needs, but the needs of what they are working on. Whether that means spreading out as an individual on a large work surface or using it for a board room style meeting, whether it means having a pod for an individual phone call or for a one on one conference, making spaces that adjust to the circumstance is important. 

Decorate with Branding

By using the colors of your company branding and utilizing themes and concepts that are core to your company, you remind your staff of their purpose in each moment of their work day. While neutral colors are still key to versatility, by adding pops of color with art, throw pillows, and rugs, give a bright touch to your office. This color, in hue and amount, should not be overwhelming as it can distract from the focus needed for work to be done. 

Natural Aspects

By adding windows or skylights, not only does a company show they are interested in the betterment of their employees, but it saves money in the long run. Natural light makes viewing work easier and provides vitamins important for our health. Additionally, once the initial investment is covered, natural light can mean significant savings on electricity. Also, adding real plants in various ways, from potted plants to entire walls of vegetation, can add to the sense of calm in a space paired with a boost of oxygen provision! Natural components can be implemented with flooring and furniture choices as well. In some cases, natural elements have proven to show gains of up to 15% in productivity gains according to workplaceinsight.com.

Even More Technology

With the flexibility of workspaces being desired for collaboration and individual work, technology is a key part of that as long as it is mobile, intuitive, and functional. Systems for remote employees or clients to dial in can allow for teams to work together across miles and laptops with plenty of charging stations provide the mobility employees are craving in their workday. Screens or smartboards for a variety of presentations are needed in larger spaces that will be used for conferences or teaching. As 2020spaces.com projects, “A well-set-up office helps employees work smarter, faster, and way more efficiently.”

HBi is invested in helping find the balance between new trends and the unique needs your organization has to meet employee and client needs. Contact us and we can evaluate how to make both of those ideas, or other ideas, work for you today.