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5 Benefits of Having a Lounge Space in the Office

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Encourages social interaction and a sense of community

As humans, we have a natural desire to form connections with those around us. Creating a space in which people can relax from the stress of the modern office allows for a coherent environment where connections can be formed. Coworkers who feel connected to each other also tend to have better teamwork skills. This means that creativity, productivity, and other necessities within the workplace will increase as those interpersonal relationships increase.

Stimulates Creativity

A change of office scenery allows workers to disconnect from the stress of their jobs and gain a new perspective on the work at hand. This can be achieved by changing the color of the wall paint in the room, adding more relaxed furniture, or even including games or puzzles in the room as well. These changes help to separate this lounge space from the rest of the office and truly create a distinctive space for employees to feel like they are escaping their stress, without leaving the office. 

Maximizes productivity

The overall contentment of workers has a major influence on their job performance. Small perks such as snacks, coffee, or other refreshments makes workers feel appreciated, valued, and helps them refocus on the task at hand. This also feeds back into the idea of teamwork being maximized through this kind of environment. Many businesses rely on teamwork in order to succeed, and supporting those individuals will allow upward trends in productivity to be observed. 


Different groups within the office dynamic are able to come into the space and turn it into what they need at that moment. Including more casual, lightweight seating in this lounge area will make the space easily accessible to any group for any purpose. Many office spaces were once filled with large, bulky furniture, set room styles / arrangements, and were unable to be manipulated for special purposes. The idea here is that this common space could be utilized by any office member or group making it a truly cohesive space. 

 Increased Attractiveness 

 Studies show that 93% of workers in the tech industry were more inclined to remain at a business that created spaces such as lounge rooms or “recharge” rooms for their employees than those that do not. With the modern office promoting more remote working, businesses who are taking these extra steps to cater to their employees have the upper hand.